20 Facts About Me:

Hey guys! So, I have realized starting a new blog is hard to get followers because people don’t know what you are about and well that is why I decided to do this 20 Facts About Me post because who doesn’t want to know facts about someone they follow (or maybe things that will help them want to follow me!) These facts will not only be posted here but will later come up again in future posts so stay tuned!

Fact #1- I was born in August of 1993 (YAY! Go 90’s babies!)

Fact #2- I’m a Virgo but I have absolutely no idea what that means or why people even care to follow that stuff, but hey whatever suits ya homie! ** BONUS FUN FACT- My laptop now accepts the word “homie” as proper spelling and no longer a typo!**

Fact #3- I’m short as shit. Like I can’t reach anything. I’m a whopping 5′-2″ on a good day when I stand tall and have perfect posture!

Fact #4- I have an older sister and a younger brother. I am the middle child. And in the words of my brother, “the middle child doesn’t count!” There you have it. The middle child gets away with everything because nobody is paying any attention *Insert devil smile emoji* Middle child for the win!

Fact #5- I have a professional degree in cosmetology. Yes, I cut my knuckles and take strangers hair home with me in my clothes for a living right now. But I am working on a bachelors degree in Interior Design, and minoring in photography! #Nerd

Fact #6- I love reading. Books, magazines, blog posts, memes, text messages, oh ya know. All that word stuff. *Currently on book #8 for 2019* But I do have this bad habit if a book is at like a slow spot where I find it hard to focus and keep reading, I page ahead and like get a sneak peak of what happens next. It’s like a movie trailer for books. But still a bad habit, don’t do it lol.

Fact #7- I drive a jeep. And I don’t say that lightly because my jeep is my baby. I’m obsessed with it. Seriously, I spent two hours cleaning it yesterday and that doesn’t even include a car wash yet, that’s today’s task!

Fact #8- I have two BEAUTIFUL nieces, an eight-year-old and a one-year-old, and they are the best little homies I could ever wish for. I would do anything for those little nuggets.

Fact #9- WANDERLUST- That’s me. The desire to travel and explore the world. Anywhere, everywhere. I want to see it all.

Fact #10- I have multiple tattoos. And have plans for more! I think that tattoos are a beautiful way of expressing oneself.

Fact #11- I do not have a set “style”. I am all over the place. One day I can be wearing a flower dress and listening to country music and the next I’ll throw on a crop top and some high wasted shorts and listen to some hoodrat beats. You’ll never know, ’cause, well I never know either.

Fact #12- I’m artistic. I love to draw, paint, color, create, whatever. I like creating things. I’m trying to get more into making stuff, for example, I want to make myself a bookshelf and I really need to because I have nowhere to go with my abundance of books.

Fact #13- I love to bake/cook. But at the same time I never know what to bake or cook. But it’s fun to create new delicious things. *I have made some things, that well, lets just say I hope to never taste in my life again lol*

Fact #14- I’m currently learning sign language. It’s tough when you don’t have anyone to learn it with, but I’d say I’m doing pretty well for self taught and barely able to use it!

Fact #15- I love thrift store shopping. Really, I just love shopping in general (you’ll eventually get a post about my favorite stores and such) But I seriously have found some of the coolest articles of clothing I own at thrift stores.

Fact #16- I love shooting guns. It is so much fun and so exciting. I’m 100% convinced that going to a gun range can literally change any kind of day into a great day. No doubt in my mind.

Photo By B.L.P.

Fact #17- I love Sundrop soda. And not just any Sundrop, the stuff straight out of a glass bottle and you can see the citrus stuff floating in it. If you have no idea what I am talking about than I strongly suggest you visit any town bar near Green Bay, Wisconsin and ask for a glass bottle Sundrop. Your life will never be the same, you’re welcome.

Fact #18- I’m completely 100% addicted to pizza. Like, it’s a drug.

Fact #19- I’m terrified of heights, but I will literally torture myself with them by climbing towers, lighthouses, and with future plans such as sky diving and paragliding *when my bitch ass gets the balls to actually go!*

Fact #20- Sunflowers and daises are my favorite flowers. There’s this thing back by my hometown that a farm does called “sunflower fest” and it’s literally just fields of sunflowers and they make me so damn happy I could cry every time I see them. It’s absolutely amazing. A field full of tall ass beautiful sunflowers.

Sunflower Fest 2016
Photo By Dana

FYI it was way harder to think of twenty facts about myself then I thought it would be! But there you have it, you now can talk shit about me because you know twenty things and I’m pretty sure that means you know enough to judge me if that’s what suits ya. Either way, this is me and what I crack up to be!

Good day now homies!

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  1. kristina andress says:

    Omg! Yes you gotta try Sundrop in a glass bottle! She got me hooked on that!😎

    Liked by 1 person

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