25 Things I Realized While Being 25

I turned 25 not knowing what to do or how to act, I mean I’ve never been this age before! It was all new to me! But now as I’m coming up to my 26th year of life I am learning so many things I wish I would’ve known sooner. On the bright side, sometimes learning things the hard way helps them stick to us more. We remember the hard times. They’re impossible to forget. But from one quarter of century old to another, this is your life, live it your way!

1. You’re actually an adult now….. Like you have responsibilities you cannot ignore.

2. YOU’RE HALFWAY TO FIFTY! I mean you are a quarter of a century old. Think about that.

3. You actually need to be a responsible person. Like you have to see a doctor when things aren’t working properly (and trust me things will not work properly a lot!) And you have to wash your face at night and use moisturizer!

4. You cannot use “Young and dumb” as an excuse anymore… You’re past that. Sober up now.

5. It’s no longer strange to be thinking about buying a house and where you want to live.

6. Everyone around you is getting married and having kids. But they’re not kids anymore, remember that.

7. Cheaper insurance isnt really all that exciting. I’m paying less for my 2018 Jeep than I did for a 2005 Ford…. weird.

8. Birthday’s are no longer that exciting, just another day. Add another year.

9. You need to take relationships seriously. Not just dating wise but friendship and family as well.

10. Wine is delicious. And you prefer it over shots now.

11. Your parents are not responsible to handle everything for you now, you are.

12. Your parents were right. Remember that time you were 15 wishing to be 18 so you could do your own thing without having to ask for permission. Stupid ass now you have Bills to pay and if you get a speeding ticket? Yup you pay that too.

13. You need a retirement plan. Seriously. Don’t forget about this until it’s too late. You’ll hate yourself.

14. Acne doesn’t go away. WASH YOUR FACE BEFORE BED!

15. The bar isnt as fun as watching Law and Order SVU from season 1 (started in like 1998) at home.

16. Yes those wrinkles are here to stay. Probably those eye bags too!

17. There’s no such thing as Neverland. You’re going to get old, face it.

18. Empty liquor bottles are NOT cool decor. Throw it away. Nobody cares you drank a full bottle of cheap vodka that makes me wanna puke my guts out like I did when I was 14.

19. Buying furniture is fun! Seriously. 🤗

20. You might want to start watching what you eat before you turn into a New York blimp homie. Actually more so to feel better and properly energize your body, I think at 25 our bodies actually need real nutrients and pizza doesn’t count. I know, it sucks. Cruel world.

21. Your feet are permanently swollen. For real, even if you sit down most your day. And if your feet aren’t swollen then don’t tell the rest of us because we dislike you. (Not really but we envy you)

22. It’s completely normal to wake up 193 times in the night to pee or get a drink. Say goodbye to great sleep.

23. You need to drink more water. You will thank me. (I actually am very bad at this myself but I have noticed change in my skin and the way I feel by doing this)

24. It’s time to achieve your dreams. RIGHT NOW. No more excuses.

25. You still have a long way to go. Live your life. Explore. Do what YOU want. Don’t listen to what others tell you, you should do. This is your life, nobody else’s. Don’t let them live a life through you.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrea Frazer says:

    You are well on your way to being a respectable 50 year old!


  2. Ken P says:

    For the the number 7 that’s because it was a Ford lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. kristina andress says:

    Wow, can’t agree more with this… love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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